Why Treat Prolapse?

The short answer is that we can, and we should.

The operation to repair pelvic organ prolapse, most often hysterectomy and pelvic reconstruction to repair the connective tissue which has been damaged, is reliable and usually has few complications. In our experience, patients are usually up and about within 24 hours. And the results are life changing! Our patients have returned to work and family with their bodies restored and energy renewed. We are flattered by the fact that our patients have encouraged family and friends who suffer from prolapse to seek treatment too.

Because we are female surgeons, A Stitch in Time can see women in cultures where gynecological treatment by a male doctor would be taboo or uncomfortable for the woman, and the number of female doctors is extremely limited. We feel that every woman has the right to adequate gynecological care, and our missions reach out to women who have been overlooked.

The members of A Stitch in Time believe that quality of life is a significant part of the human experience. Prolapse isn’t usually life-threatening, but it can make life miserable, and we are committed to alleviating suffering, and improving global health for women.

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