Our Story

Who we are and what we think is possible.

A Stitch in Time was born in a delivery room. The women who brought the organization to life are gynecological health care professionals, three surgeons and a nurse-midwife, who met through work and affiliations with Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. The work led to friendship, and the realization that they were all active international medical volunteers with a shared commitment to making gynecological health care universally available to women in need. That commitment led to the birth of this new NGO.

In this video, narrated by Dr. Tracy Capes, Director of Pelvic Surgery for A Stitch in Time, you see the team at work on one of their recent trips to Bangladesh, and hear their thoughts about women’s global health and the need for increased attention to pelvic health. Dr. Capes speaks for the group.

Our name, A Stitch in Time, suggests that timely repairs go a long way to preventing more serious damage, and we think the notion holds true for global health care for women. In addition to the work in Bangladesh, we have begun to develop a new relationship with a remote hospital in Guatemala and we need your support to help us move forward.

We commit our time, our skills and our own money to the cause, but we need help paying for transportation and supplies. Your contribution will go directly to support these missions and to changing women’s lives.

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