Standards and Procedures

A Stitch in Time identifies remote hospitals with functioning operating rooms that can accommodate the types of surgeries we perform. The hospitals identify potential candidates for surgery, and we personally screen the patients when we arrive. We partner with agencies that are equipped to handle surgical emergencies and provide our patients with appropriate post-operative care, as well as access to ongoing basic health care. A Stitch in Time works with local liasons to make sure that the patients are fully informed and comfortable with the medical care that we offer. Once we’ve left the site, we maintain contact with the hospital in order to provide follow up and guidance in the post-operative period.

A Stitch in Time is a small, focused grass roots organization, and we like it that way. There are plenty of larger, long established NGOs doing great work for people with limited access to health care, but we want to maintain our autonomy. By staying small, we are directly responsible for every aspect of our work, from patient care to financial management.

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For each mission, A Stitch in Time recruits qualified surgeons, doctors, midwives and nurses who donate their personal time. Though most of our team members are US based, we are a multinational group, and welcome participants from diverse backgrounds.

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