Medical Mission

A Stitch in Time is a group of gynecological surgeons and health care providers committed to treating women in need who suffer from conditions involving the pelvic floor.

We assemble teams to volunteer for short-term missions to perform gynecological surgeries in remote hospitals around the world. At this time, we are focusing on a socially crippling, but treatable condition called pelvic organ prolapse. In one expression of the condition, uterine prolapse, the pelvic walls are weakened to the point where the uterus can descend through the vaginal canal, and extrude outside of the body, hanging between a woman’s legs.

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Prolapse isn’t life threatening, but it can make a woman’s life miserable. She can be incontinent, uncomfortable walking or sitting, and unable to tolerate sex. In some societies, a woman with prolapse can be divorced and outcast, left to fend for herself.

Women in the developing world are vulnerable to prolapse. They have multiple vaginal deliveries, many years spent doing strenuous manual labor, and poor nutrition. They have limited access to trained health care providers, which puts these women at risk for serious gynecological health issues.

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