Our upcoming trip to Guatemala

February 1st is approaching ever so quickly. We are organizing our group to make the trip to Jacaltenango, our new site, from February 1st to the 10th. We will be working at the Hospital in Jacaltenango run by the Sisters, but a group called MILPA from Spain and a local group called LUNA will be coordinating the patient recruitment. We are almost ready to confirm our team and our goals. We should be able to accomplish a lot if we are able to operate for 5 or 6 days. We’ll see how the travel plans pan out.

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  1. Setu

    Hi All!

    This is Setu, Isha’s daughter. I really love what you all are doing. You are all so courageous to stand up and say, I am going to change the world. I really would love to help you save women’s lives in any way I can.

    I admire your efforts and really look up to you all for taking action for what you believe in.

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