Dr. Nabila Noor

Medical Volunteer

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Dr. Noor is a second year surgical resident at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. She graduated from Duke Medical School in 2011. She is interested in specializing in urogynecology, inspired in part by her experience working with A Stitch in Time.

Dr. Noor was born in Bangladesh, but was raised in Canada and educated in the United States. Returning to work as a doctor in her native country, to share the knowledge and experience she acquired abroad, has been a priority for Dr. Noor.

On the last two Stitch trips to Bangladesh, Dr. Noor worked with the surgeons in the operating room, but more importantly, she was an invaluable translator. As a native speaker, she was able to explain cultural subtleties to our team in ways that allowed us to provide the most appropriate care to each patient, according to her individual needs. As a doctor, she was able to explain complicated medical information to our patients, who live in remote areas with limited access to heath care, and virtually no experience with surgery. Because she is Bengali, Dr. Noor was able to offer the patients extraordinary cultural comfort and gave the Stitch team an added level of confidence that nothing in the patients’ experience was being lost in translation.

In addition, Dr. Noor’s education and success as a medical doctor and surgeon in training was an inspiration to the local community, especially the women and children, who rarely see women in top medical positions.

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