Dr. Isha Mehta

Director of Gynecology

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Isha Mehta, MD is Chief of Gynecology at Elmhurst Hospital, part of the Mt. Sinai Hospital system in New York City, and is a member of the faculty at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Mehta speaks six languages – English, Spanish, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali and Urdu – and believes that communication and cultural sensitivity are at the heart of any successful medical mission.

Raised in a family of doctors in India, Dr. Mehta is a third generation physician and three of her siblings, as well as her husband, are doctors. From an early age, she was able to observe the discrepancies that exist in health care between rich and poor, and men and women, and chose to work in gynecology to do her part to strike a balance. Dr. Mehta has been working with women in need since she began her medical education more than 25 years ago. Her years of experience have convinced her that a healthy mother is the essential for a healthy family and a conduit for life-saving hygiene and education.

Dr. Mehta has organized and participated in gynecological health care camps in underserved communities in New York City, and in Honduras, and has been an HIV educator in Ethiopia. She traveled with A Stitch in Time to Bangladesh for the January 2012 surgical camp. Her research and opinions on women’s health and best medical practices have been published in peer-reviewed journals and medical texts.

Dr Mehta believes that A Stitch in Time is the kind of organization that has clear-cut impact on the lives of the women they treat and their families. In her experience, successful pelvic surgeries are life-changing and the benefits are life-long when performed by committed, experienced gynecological surgeons.

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